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About Snowboard Kids for smartphone

The hit series Snowboard Kids by Atlusü╩ř, a fast action racing game with a snowboarding theme, has now been arranged for OpenFeint on iPhone and Android. Snowboard Kids for smartphone is an adaptation of Snowboard Kids Party (NDS) delivering the same smooth, high speed game play and killer animations.

Kart style racing game on a snowboard! Pick your favorite character and execute rad airs, race against the other kids, battle bosses and beat the clock.

+ features
* 6 human characters plus 2 hidden.
* Improved physics
* Spin and grab tricks. Special Tricks. Rail slides.
* Upgradable Boards and shots.
* Cheats.
* Changeable character colors and board designs.

Character story

Slash and Brad image Nancy and Jam image Koyuki and Tommy image MAX and Jack Frost
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How to play

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